True Tales Sure to Bring YOU a Sense of UNEASE!


Have you ever felt uneasy in a situation? If so, you are not alone, as many have felt the same. Our brains are wired to possess primalistic instincts. Said inclinations are there as they help mankind survive. They provide the "gut instinct", something that can often bring detrimental consequences when ignored.

Can you recall feeling this sensation?

If so, take that feeling from the depths of your memories and force it to resurface. Put yourself into the shoes of those who are experiencing what you too, have once felt. As you take time to savour the bitter sensation of fear, reflect on some of its causes. Have you ever felt scared over something small and insignificant? For example, has the face of an organic being unsettled you, even if they mean no true malice? Or are you anxious about the end of mankind? Many are, including those who have chosen to share their fears on this very website.

Come in, enter the elevator!